1. Here’s an interview I did with @16clefs for the upcoming album ‘Highways’ http://16clefs.com/2014/09/12/interview-bruno-merz/


  2. Beautiful day in #eastbourne


  3. #regram from @alicephelpsviolins
    Great first full band practice today!


  4. Rwoar


  5. Practicing hard for y’all.


  6. Dinner and ‘To Have and Have Not’ in honour of the lovely Lauren Bacall. R.I.P.


  7. Working on a pretty fun graphic novel at the moment…


  8. Just painted a bass drum for my talented drummer Jack and his Leeds City Stompers band. @jackamblindrums


  9. Could I get my phone line connected please? #memoriesofthailand


  10. #bangkok #cafeatease @bowmonrissa